Matthew Falla

Partner & Managing Director

Matt is our Managing Director and oversees the user experience design team. He's done a residency at the Design Museum and has patented interactive packaging technology for electronic devices.

Christian Thümer

Partner & Creative Director

As Creative Director Christian leads our team of designers, working to create compelling narratives through information design, helping clients understand and communicate complex data.

Hem Patel

Partner & New Business Director

Hem uses his expertise to focus on new business development and building relationships. He oversees our Client Services team working closely with our clients to define the creative brief and ensure the smooth delivery of high quality projects.

Emma Voller

Account Director

Emma uses her passion for great storytelling and seamless user experiences to find new ways for our clients to engage with their audiences. She’s also a big fan of things outside of the digital world and can often be found on the potters wheel throwing wonky pots and mugs.

Gemma Hitchens

Account Director

Gemma loves finding new ways of storytelling with data: through our visualisations, talks and exhibitions. She's a bookworm, a karaoke-standard singer and a semi-professional (now retired) DJ.

Simon Underhill

Senior Account Director

Jemma Gunn

Account Director

Jemma makes sure that everyone's happy: the clients, the team and the users. Outside of the office she loves doing DIY and can outlast even the strongest willed on the dancefloor.

Sinéad McCarthy

Digital Producer

Sinéad enjoys finding new tools that help with organisation and planning (luckily!). She also loves outdoor adventures, audio visual installations and exhibitions.

Melodie Ash

Digital Producer

Emily Stewart-Smith

Studio Manager & Junior Project Manager

Emily keeps the office together, in more ways than one. She loves spending weekends baking and buying flowers - so step aside Mary Berry...

Bob Wilson

Design Director

Type designer in a previous life. Bob has an encyclopaedic knowledge of 90's movies, and can stomach some of the spiciest food in the known universe.

Paul Button

Senior Information Designer

Paul particularly enjoys physical data visualisation installations, introducing new audiences to using data in design. He also loves creating nerdy screen prints on the weekends.

Ben Willers

Information Designer

Josh Gowen

Information Designer

Josh loves using data visualisation to tell a powerful story, bringing the data back to real life narratives. He also enjoys running, however can't help but track himself and make visualisations from the data.

Matt Rowett

Senior Information Designer

Matt loves the challenge of presenting complex information clearly and creatively. He also loves gigs, and trying to fit more data viz into his spare time.

Geoffroy Gaborieau

UX/UI Designer

Nick Ingram

User Experience Designer

Nick loves all the little details and interactions in his UX work that make user journeys as frictionless as possible. He's also got a habit of running marathons (London and Reykjavik on the list so far...)

Benjamin Royer

UX/UI Designer

Ben has a passion for grids and enjoys creating innovative user experiences. You'll recognise him around London with his three-piece suit and aviators.

Nico Blanchot

Technical Director

Nico's goal in every project is clear, clean, beautiful, tested and commented code. When he's not in the office, you'll find him cycling around London on his fixed gear bike.

Chris Brown

Senior Developer

Chris loves to create unique and surprising interactive experiences, he also loves watching live music whilst wearing vibrant socks.

Zdenek Hynek

Senior Developer

Zdenek loves the challenge of intricate visualisations and is especially interested in cartographic development. He also enjoys introducing bugs and then fixing them in his free time.

David Normington

Front-end Developer

David loves to create simple solutions for complicated problems. When he's not problem solving, he's either enjoying life with his wife or creating problems for her by making trouble with his kids.

Matt Oxley


Igor Kolga


Davey Pieter van der Woert

Front-end Developer

Anthony Cossins

Front-end Developer

As well as experimenting with CSS, UI and animations, Anthony is an avid photographer. His work can mostly be seen on Instagram.

We are always looking for exceptionally talented people to be part of our team. 
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