Glug: Beautiful Data

We chose the topic of ‘Beautiful Data’, discussing how – with the growing interest in all sorts of data – it is becoming more important to harness its power, taking raw data sets and making them beautiful through design.

We invited some really inspirational speakers to give their perspectives on what makes a beautiful data visualisation and to share their own experiences and journeys.

The ‘MC’ of the night was Hem Patel, who introduced each speaker and made sure that everyone was kept entertained.

If you missed it, here’s a quick round up of the speakers and some of the highlights from their talks:

Our own Matthew Falla spoke about the magic of data and its ability to predict the future. His quote of the night being: ‘Information is beautiful, but prediction is magic.’

Simon Piehl, the Founder and Creative director at Bureau for Visual Affairs, gave an insight in to how data – and the study of it – can give us insight into many things, including the possibility of predicting the results of high profile sports matches.

QuantumBlack’s Yves Boussemart talked about Formula One and how power that one can gain from an understanding of the data can be the difference between finishing in first place or fifth.

Accept and Proceed’s David Johnston spoke about the importance of beauty and his own personal journey into the world of data visualisation.

We had a great night and we’ll see you all at the next one!