Medium is championing the longform again: people are enjoying the chance to read carefully written articles and publications whilst also taking the time to write their own. New publications are being created which provide followers with a flow of articles about topics that interest them, by authors they may or may not follow, to build networks of like-minded readers and online communities.

For those of us writing and designing content, it’s encouraging that for the right quality people can still find time in their days – and surgically remove themselves from other social media channels – to spend an average of seven minutes reading an article. (The linked article is also a great explanation of the importance of data literacy with visualisations: the watch outs and the benefits.)

What does this mean for the future of online content? Hopefully, that we won’t need to continuously cut engagement time estimates and saturate the content, and the older model of taking people on a narrative journey and revealing elements of a story bit-by-bit may not be as archaic as it recently seemed.

The rapid growth in popularity of Medium seems to signal that we’ve grown slightly tired of the immediate method of online consumption by osmosis and are looking for more substantial, slow-burning content to fill our stomachs. This can only be a good thing for storytelling: using data or otherwise!

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