As news of the TalkTalk data breach comes out today – it’s a big reminder of the privacy issues that exist in the structure of our exchange-based system at the moment.

We, as consumers, agree to terms and conditions and give companies personal details about ourselves in order to benefit from tailored, more advanced or more convenient services. But inevitably that comes at a price. The data that’s potentially been taken from TalkTalk customers isn’t insubstantial (addresses, telephone numbers, credit card and bank details) and wasn’t encrypted.

We held a forum recently, (the) Data Generation, and there was resounding agreement that legislation needs to keep up with these increasingly common breaches to protect people and educate them in data literacy. There will inevitably be a shift where the potential danger and risk of sharing all of our data outweighs the quicker online services that we get at the moment, or companies need to become cleverer and faster than the constantly evolving force of hackers – a pretty impossible task.

If you weren’t able to come to our private i exhibition, have a look at the pieces that were on display looking at all aspects of privacy.

Below is our infographic looking at all breaches from the last year: who was behind them, how they happened and to whom.