The increase in the exposure of our data has opened many doors, whether it’s through wearables, personalised services or predictive analytics. However, our personal information in the wrong hands could be extremely destructive; with great convenience comes great risk.

With advances in technology, and the vast amount of data each individual produces, come the highly publicised debates on privacy. The digital revolution has left us asking ourselves, what is an invasion of our privacy and what can help us? Are we creating more freedom, or are we compromising it?

Last year Signal Noise curated an exhibition for London Design Festival exploring algorithms and how they shape the 21st century. This year, we will be delving into privacy through a selection of static, motion and interactive visualisations.

In the build up to our ‘private_i’ exhibition, we will be hosting a series of blog posts around this year’s theme and its many facets. By looking into the effects of ‘opting in’ or ‘opting out’ of sharing our data, we will explore whether or not the values outweigh the disadvantages.