Thanks for placing your bets

Our fourth exhibition is over, and we captured a lot of your opinions over the five days...

This year's exhibition focussed on predictive analytics: what we can predict from the data that we have available. As a London-based agency - and as the exhibition was in partnership with London Design Festival - we decided to focus on London.

Place your Bets looked at a future London; how we will travel, where we'll live and how we'll interact. Each piece looked at a different facet of the city and gave evidence to visitors for them to form their own opinions. 

Once they'd seen the pieces, we asked them to give us their predictions for London via an interactive data visualisation which we are in the process of collating. 

Stay tuned to hear what our visitors predicted for the future of their city. 

On Thursday we had the private view where these pieces got an audience for the first time. Here are a few of our shots from the evening: