The state of Alzheimer's

An interactive to describe the scale of the challenge of dementia in the UK.

The project

Alzheimer’s Society is a leading dementia charity who work to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Each year the Alzheimer’s Society release a report to provide insight into the lives of people affected by dementia and the research being conducted. To accompany the 2014 report the Alzheimer’s Society wanted to describe the scale and the challenge of dementia in a compelling and simple way.

We worked with them to create a concept that combined a hierarchy of key statistics with interactive visualisations. This allowed viewers to navigate through the important findings from the report and to quickly get a sense of how well people are living with their dementia, what support they are receiving, and what barriers they face to living well.

The Process

Whilst the issues surrounding dementia in the UK are complex and varied, we used a simple but engaging graphic approach to make the key messages and information as accessible as possible.

Domestic comparisons were made to help people comprehend the huge numbers involved and where possible we included filtering down to the personal impact on people living with dementia and their carers. By keeping the visualisations very human, we wanted to retain the very personal narrative that Alzheimer's holds for a lot of people. 

As well as the interactive piece, we worked with the Alzheimer’s Society digital team to produce social media assets raising awareness of the campaign, as well as a downloadable PDF containing static versions of each visualisation, and a toolkit of assets for use by local teams in printed collateral.