How much should you be getting paid?

An interactive salary dashboard tool for the leading construction industry recruitment specialists.

The project

We were commissioned by CareerStructure to build a tool giving users an insight into the construction industry’s job market. The Salary Benchmarker tool analyses the results from a large-scale survey of over 2,000 people within the construction industry. Users can then compare salary expectations, current benefits, desired benefits and other important factors across industry sectors.

The challenge was to produce an online tool and an eye-catching report that turns dense, complex data into accessible and engaging snapshots of the market.

The process

We built the tool based on the headline statistic of what people were earning, laying out secondary information (such as the navigation bar, filtered data and data content) around this central figure using dynamic lists.


Based on the findings from the Multiple Academic Correspondence (MCA),  we were asked to design and create a seven chapter report which included information graphics to clearly communicate the statistics in an engaging manner.