The real cost of your commute

Totaljobs reveals the cost of our commute… over a lifetime.

The project

We were asked by Totaljobs to create an interactive tool that asked people for some key details and then told them how their daily commute adds up over a lifetime of employment. 

The aim of the tool was to get a reaction from the audience and get them to think about the compound affect of a bad commute - plus it gave people some hard data to back up their commuting moans. 

The process

To help the user input their data we used a natural language form, making the process as effortless and intuitive as possible. We split this data capture into two sections to keep it simple: 'About you' and 'About your commute'. The data crunching happens behind the scenes and the user is then given their results.

The mobile audience was very important for the project - especially for people who were using the tool on their commute. We tried to make the mobile experience as close to desktop as possible so the interactions felt very similar.

We worked closely with Totaljobs to decide on the examples that we'd choose for the results. We then illustrated these results to make the output as engaging and realistic as possible.