Bean There Dunne That

Visualising a year's supply of the best coffee in Shoreditch.

The project

We were asked by Dunne Frankowski, a creative coffee company, to help them visualise a year's worth of supply data for their coffee. The visualisation uses live data to show the journey each coffee shipment made before reaching the coffee house in celebration of Dunne Frankowski’s one year anniversary. 

The process

Dunne Frankowski prides itself on selecting the best coffee available. This results in a supply of coffee that spans a spectrum of bean varietals grown across the southern hemisphere and roasted in multiple locations around the globe. It was this data that we used as the basis of a map-based visualisation.

Based on a one year period, the speed of the lines represent the transit time from farmer, to roaster and from roaster to coffee house. The coloured lines show the variety of beans sourced and the seasonal relevance of each varietal.

A pattern in the data revealed that a large percentage of the coffee roasters were based in London, in close proximity to the coffee house. With this in mind we designed a polar projection of the globe to show the geographical proximity to visualise all the data from Europe.

The data visualisation was shown at the Dunne Frankowski gallery space as a part of their anniversary exhibition.