The talent of the Irish

Showing off the best of Ireland's culture

The project

The Arthur Guinness Projects is a multi-million euro investment which helps talented people across Ireland whose ideas, passion and spirit are enhancing and shaping the island’s culture and identity.

We were asked to design an infographic that celebrated this talent and showed off what Ireland has to offer.

The infographic draws on a range of data and facts about Ireland’s culture, from food and art to sports and heritage, to tell the story of its cultural resurgence. 

The process

The starting point for the visual style was Guinness’ iconic brand. We used a bold white on black approach with a gold highlighting to create a rich and eye-catching finish.

The challenge was to take data within each cultural area and create a visually compelling story for both guests and journalists attending the event.

The data was brought to life with a combination of vector graphics and graphs with photography and typographic treatments. The content is split into key sections referencing creativity and culture; sport, music, the arts and food, showing how these areas are undergoing a resurgence.

The infographic was used as a large-scale wall hanging at the launch event of the initiative as well as for press and social media use.