A tool to target the audience you need

A online data analysis tool that allows users to create bespoke audiences and query GlobalWebIndex's extensive survey data.

The project

Along with their new website and branding, GlobalWebIndex commissioned us to redesign their ProTools web application. ProTools allows users to create complex audiences and to use them in conjunction with a library of questions and polls in order to conduct bespoke data analysis.

The process

Our approach was heavily focused on usability. We worked using an iterative user experience phase which was focused on creating a system that would allow users to deal with complex queries of variables and attributes through an easy-to-understand interface.

The tool merged two previously separate functions – Audience Builder and Chart Builder – in a bid to streamline the analysis of the data. The new tool allowed users to easily adjust and switch between audience profiles, to view changes in the chart findings and to draw appropriate comparisons. Additional controls included the ability to set indices, adjust the view of the results and view the level of respondents across different research waves.

A feature we introduced was the ability to manipulate audiences through a visual interface controlled by dragging and dropping audience characteristics, this meant users could build up complex audience groups with varying dependencies. The visual 'block building' functionality meant that it was intuitive and easy to use.

By presenting the audiences in this way, with bright colours and a clear hierarchy, audiences became much smoother to conceive, understand and edit.