​How hot is the hottest chilli in the world?

A visualisation looking at 100 of the hottest chilis, sorted by heat ranking, species and lineage.

The project

We teamed up with The Heatonist—a hot sauce store and tasting room in Brooklyn—to create an infographic looking at the world of chilis. This graphic is for all chili lovers, from junior jalapeños to capsicum connoisseurs.

The process

Alongside indexing the heat of the chilis, we had fun exploring family trees; wanting to show the individual species. The hybridisation information tells you which chilis have been created through cross or selective breeding and the original plants they can from. That said, the world of the "super-hots" is notoriously one of rumour and hear-say so the exact parentage of some will always remain a heated debate.

You can purchase posters of the infographic from the Heatonist website, along with some hot sauce if you fancy it!

Heatonist Chilli-Viz