Visualising top investors worldwide

Juniper Place provides global research, consulting and capital placement services to management funds. They asked us to visualise the wealth of data that they gather about investors worldwide.

The Project

The challenge was to use information design to simplify the complex world of hedge funds for users. The audience needed to be able to use this tool for their everyday research as well as a resource for Juniper Place to navigate their network.

The Process

The tool itself works around a central visualisation that users can control and navigate through filters in a side panel.

Visualisation research

We explored different ways to display the network of investors based on various requirements that users might have. The first level of the visualisation shows countries, which users can drill into in order to see top investors in the selected country.

Countries and investors are shown as disks -with size indicating their importance (either in terms of allocations or number of firms).

Global worldwide view
Filtering countries

As users tailor their search with the filters on the left-hand side, countries and investors change position in the visualisation according to the new filters.

Filtering investors within the US
Investor's details page