Where should I live in London?

With Time Out and Rightmove we built a tool to help you find your perfect house in your perfect area—whether you're after great nights out or just something affordable.

The Project

We designed and built a tool which combined the data from Time Out and Rightmove to guide you through the usually tedious task of property searching. Cafes or clubs? Renting or buying? Green space or close to the centre? The aim is to find your ideal postcode.

The Process

The user experience starts with prioritisation so the tool can get to know you. It then refines the search to give you your recommended top ten areas and you can explore Time Out’s content around each area. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re directed to Rightmove to make the final steps!

The tool used icons to create a visual language to gauge an area’s success in the user’s chosen factors. It includes useful stats such as Uber cost from central London, best modes of transport and quotes from residents to give an all-round impression of the area.

It was crucial that we kept Time Out’s tone throughout the interactive, so we included resident’s opinions, Uber prices and ratings. We included the ‘Locals love’ feature to make sure that the voices of residents were a key focus of the tool. The build also was responsive to mobile to ensure that we catered to the whole Time Out and Rightmove audience on the go.