100 days to make a change

Pushing for action on the key issues for the public.

The Project

We worked with The Local Government Association’s 100 days campaign to create a range of assets to help communicate some of the difficult issues the new government will face.

The project focused on the issues at the top of the new government's in-tray: the ‘must do’ tasks it will have to tackle.

The Process

We worked with the LGA to create four infographics to communicate information about their key issues, and to raise awareness of the current situation. In addition to the infographics, we produced a tool to allow users to view localised data. They could select an issue, County and council to view and export the latest statistics.

Key Issues


The shortage of houses in this country is a top priority for people and buying a home is increasingly out of reach for many. Over the last two Parliaments, the number of people under 45 who can afford their own home has fallen by a fifth.


Our roads are crumbling whilst at the same time, more people than ever before are using them. The country currently has a £12 billion backlog of repairs and one in five roads is classed as being in poor condition.

Healthcare for children

To improve the health of the nation we need to start early, prioritising children to give them the best possible start in life. Preventing problems such as obesity and diabetes from occurring in the first place by intervening in their early years will help to reduce the burden of ill health later in life.


Jobs, and the skills needed to get them, can help people develop the independence they need to flourish. Whilst it is good news that growth is emerging and creating new jobs, we have to make sure all communities are able to prosper and everyone has the skills to get good quality jobs.

Raising awareness of key issues in a much more visual way - but also showing the statistics to back up the messaging proved very affective for The Local Government Association in their campaign.