Blockchain has been hailed as the new groundbreaking technology, set to outgrow the popularity of the internet. If we take Bitcoin Blockchain as the starting point, we can predict the branching cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies that will be developed. Lots of this development is already in progress, but it’s only the beginning. How will this new technology change our day-today interactions as Londoners?

The project

Blockchain is notoriously hard to grasp, but the technology is opening up many new possibilities for our future interactions. We wanted to create a visualisation that helped explain some of the founding principles and processes whilst also making suggestions of how it could change our city in the next 30 years. 

The process

We've been interested in Blockchain and Bitcoin for a while, but we needed to wrap our heads around it to explain it graphically. We did extensive research and then tried to simplify what we learned to help others understand. An important part of the piece was simplification of the concepts, but not diluting them too much.

Once that had been established, we looked at what's happened so far with new technology and different applications. Finally, we researched what applications were in beta phase, or just beginning to be explored. This gave us the grounds for our predictions for 2040.