What's the real value of a football player?

Using social analytics, performance data and business intelligence to reveal the true value of professional football players. 

The project

Where does a football player’s value really come from? This is a question which is asked season after season by managers, clubs, agents, and brands...

We created the user interface and data visualisation for the online tool in collaboration with the sports social media agency WePlay. The tool combined social media data from each individual football player across the top 5 European Football Leagues with player performance data to create correlated trends and patterns.

The process

The project began with an in-depth exploration phase to determine the best way to display players scores and stats. Two routes were defined, both allowing the user to filter and isolate specific data inputs such as Twitter or Facebook activity.

The final tool had a clean and analytical look and feel, which enabled clients to input revenue, sales and media data to show the trends and insights between social media activity, on pitch performance and business conversions.

It also gave decision makers, who work with professional players, the insight and foresight to plan, predict and execute initiatives more effectively.