Capturing audience opinion using String Theories

A real-time interactive to get audience opinions on the future

The project

Following the String Theories project at our Art of the Algorithm exhibition, Nesta commissioned us to create a version for their FutureFest event. 

They wanted to capture opinions of the audience over the two day festival whilst providing a focal visualisation during the event.

The process

Using the previous project as a guideline, we digitised the approach. 

What was so successful about the physical exhibition piece was that people were instantly engaged with the data; they could see their answers joining those of others and there was direct feedback from their actions. 

We didn't want to lose this with the digital version so we made sure that the transitions and user experience retained this quality. 

The advantage of capturing all of this data real-time was that we could present it back to the audience just as quickly. The bubbles that represented each multiple choice answer grew in size every time they were chosen whilst the thickness of the strings indicate the popularity of the answer path. 

Read Gemma's write up for Nesta here