A tool to help predict trends
before they've become 'the next big thing'

Helping users harness the power of the internet to back up their trend predictions.

The project

We wanted to create a tool that can help you find out what everyone's going to be talking about before they're talking about it. By scraping chosen sources and selecting aspects of trends that you'd like to track, we've designed and built a prototype that creates a report with all of the information available on the topic specified. 

The process

We've all got the urge to predict the next big thing, but there is data available that can help us get a pretty good idea of what's going to be successful and give us the insight and information to help us create it.

The starting point is collecting the items that the user wants to take a look at and grouping them together ie. choosing the topic 'wearables' and adding 'smart glasses' and 'smart watches' etc. 

Start with organising items

Once you're happy with your selected groups you can get together a report which shows you all the content from your selected sources referencing your groups.

The tool collects information like mentions and sentiments to show you how much people are already talking about your trends and what they're saying. 

Mentions & sentiment

Watch this space

NextHype is still in development, so do let us know if you're interested in hearing more or getting involved.