How to bring the thrill of snowboarding to data visualisation

Visualising ride data for an exhibition at the U.S. Open snowboard championship as part of a collaboration between Nokia and Burton snowboards.

The project

The Nokia Push Snowboarding project wanted a way of representing the pressure and thrill a professional snowboarder feels when they are competing to be the best in the world. We developed an animated digital poster showcasing all of the different data elements within one space.

The process

The project had two main challenges; one was to capture scientifically accurate data like the speed, heart rate and galvanic skin response of a snowboarder in mid-flight, and turn it into a digital visualisation that updates in real time. 

The second challenge was to emphasise how the real-time information flowed effortlessly to reflect the snowboarding experience. We combined laser-etched acrylic with dynamic projected graphics to produce a floating data display.

It showed the speed and time, altitude, pressure, orientation, heart rate, and energy rush of the top snowboarders on the planet, including three times world champion Terje Haakonsen. The piece was shown at the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship.