Data science that can catch tax dodgers

The scale of tax refund fraud

The project

Since it's launch in 2012, LexisNexis Tax Refund Investigative Solution (also known as TRIS) has saved income taxpayers in eight US states up to $400m. We were asked to design and build an interactive that explained the process, and showed the amazing technology that's behind it.

We wanted to make sure that there was a strong narrative, so we included and explanation of the process in as much detail as possible. As it's a technology that's actually saving money in real life, we wanted to emphasise this with a case study of what has happened in the Indiana.

The colour palette played a key role in guiding the users through the content. We used shades of grey for the majority of the imagery unless something was standing out as incorrect or faulty, in which case it was a bright red. This mirrored the way that the product sees the data, picking out the most important and urgent anomalies and outliers to alert users.