A benchmarking tool for architects

Sharing data to benchmark your business

The project

We were asked by the Royal Institute of British Architects to design and build a platform that members could use to view results of their annual survey. They wanted data visualisation to play a key role in signalling interesting comparisons and allowing members to quickly get an overview of an area of their business, whilst giving them the option to take a deeper dive into the wider data set. 

The process

We multiplied the initial iterations, trying to achieve the right balance between data visualisations and exciting content.

A selection of initial concepts

These initial designs were then fleshed out to end up with efficient and clear screens.

The final wireframes

Visualisation types were tailored to the data, creating a benchmarker tool that allowed members to log in, view their data and see how they compared to other members. It was important to allow members to set their own parameters—as it was a very large dataset—so we included a left-hand bar with controls that made sure users could refine the results.

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