So what does Brexit mean for the UK?

The project

Brexit has been a shock to a lot of us in the UK and has sparked speculation about what it will mean for the future of business, economics and culture. 

Along with Hanover Communications, we wanted to create a piece of data visualisation that allows people to give their predictions on what will happen in a future for the UK that is seemingly unchartered waters. 

The process

At Hanover's summer party this year there was a guestlist of politicians, industry and media professionals so we decided to harness the collection wisdom of these guests and get their opinions on Brexit, how they made their decision and what they think will happen next. 

As we wanted a very low barrier to entry, and also for the piece to spark group discussion, we decided to make the medium low-fi. 

We designed a large 4m wall on which we put a series of questions and blank visualisations to be filled in by the participants. The questions ranged from 'How old are you?' to 'What would you be most willing to give up in Brexit negotiations?'.

Each guest was given a sheet of coloured stickers on their arrival - the colour connoting their area of work. They were then asked to answer the questions on the piece by placing their sticker to represent their answer for each. 

Over the course of the evening the wall became an evolving representation of data collected, both on the guests themselves and their predictions. 

As this event happened on the 6th July - one day after Fox and Crabb withdrew from the leadership race and only days before the announcement of Theresa May's unchallenged bid for the PM position - the final question on the piece was perhaps the most interesting. There was almost unanimous prediction that May would take the PM position with only a few choosing the other two candidates.


After collecting the data from the visualisation, we compiled the data and looked at the results. We then designed the below graphic to show what we found: