We asked visitors to this year's exhibition to help us predict the future of London

The project

Predictive analytics uses vast amounts of data that already exist to form a prediction on a topic or trend. But there's a big part of prediction that isn't taken into account with this method: human behaviour. We play a big role in what will happen in our cities: what will be the next food trend, where will be cool to live, how we'll spend our weekends. So we decided to ask visitors to help us make predictions about the future of our city. 

The process

We wanted something quick and easy for people to take part in. It needed to have a low barrier to entry, allowing people of all ages and capabilities to take part. 

We decided that stickers were easy to use and also using bright colours allowed people to easily see patterns and decipher evolving narratives in the piece. 

To see the results, have a look at our Twitter profile where we're publishing our findings.