Which country should you live in?

The project

We were commissioned by the Guardian to create a tool that allowed their audience to explore the data from the Social Progress Index alongside a feature on their website. 

The Social Progress Index examines 132 countries to capture a comprehensive and rigorous picture of how countries perform on a wide variety of metrics. The aim is to provide a rich framework for measuring the multiple dimensions of social progress and benchmark success in order to catalyse improvement.

“Which country should you live in?” gives the user the opportunity to rank 12 key indicators by order of importance so they can find out which country fits their priorities best. 

The process

We wanted the user experience and visual tone to be simple and relevant to the Guardian's audience. Each of the indicators could be ranked in a position from one to four and these priorities were then weighed against the survey results to present the user with the best country for them to live in.

The interface offers the possibility to turn categories—Basic Human Needs, Foundation of Wellbeing and Opportunity—on and off, to determine the recommended country.

The simplicity and swiftness of the interactive fits handheld devices perfectly and the interface was designed to be responsive across mobile screen resolutions.

Once a user has defined their parameters, the interactive gives them their recommended country. They can then explore the SPI survey further or share their result across social media.