What if bots could replace venture capitalists?

The world’s first Venture Capital fund powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence.

The project

As machine learning and sophisticated algorithms become more and more integrated in our lives, we—alongside Multiple—wanted to explore what this could mean for the lucrative world of venture capitals. 

We created an AI version of a VC fund that, with only a few facts about your potential business, could award you funding and advice on how to make your idea into a million dollar business. Easy right?

User journey wireframes

The process

Based on a scenario conceived by Multiple, we designed an application mimicking the process of pitching a project. Entrepreneurs are busy people so needed the experience to be swift and intuitive. We also wanted the experience to be fun and engaging, so we made sure that the tone was light-hearted. 

The pitch ends with a game, allowing users to build their own start-up idea through a series of slot machines. At the end of the process, they sign the contract and wait to receive the enormous amount of funding into their account. 


The AIVC was received brilliantly by would-be businesses and media alike. It was featured in TechCrunch and the Memo, and the random pitches were widely shared by enthusiastic Twitter users under the hashtag #theAIVC.