The data behind the U.S Election

Tracking an election: who's voting and who's spending?

The project

We created an interactive that looked at the US Election and gave a snapshot of the situation in different states using the Huffington Post's Pollster data.

It visualised the latest opinion polling data for each state using the Huffington Post API and allowed users to seamlessly transition to a view of funding for each state by plugging into the New York Times’ campaign finance API. 

The process

The Presidential election season creates so much data, as journalists, pundits, and the candidates themselves try to guess at the outcome. Much of this data comes from the huge number of opinion polls conducted across the nation. The Huffington Post aggregated many of these polls to provide a rich data source, updated with every new poll.

We began the project by assessing the available data from multiple sources to identify the underlying narrative, before building a system to collate this information into a single database behind the scenes.

A user interface was then developed to display the data which would be engaging enough for users to want to spend time with it, but clear enough to communicate the facts. The result is a dynamic map of the USA that shows which candidate is coming out on top – and who is getting the most bang for their buck with funding.

This interactive infographic was shortlisted by GE & and received an honourable mention for its “clean, organised design and fun user experience”.