Telling the story of the war in Syria

Using crowdsourced data from Syria to show how civilians, increasingly women, are being killed

The project

We were asked to create an infographic detailing the causes of women's deaths over the last 3 years of the Syrian civil war.

The process

It's not often that data holds so much devastation and sadness. We wanted to retain the emotional gravity of this dataset whilst communicating the detail of it. The wheel of destruction splits up the different causes of death and plots them on a timeline from 2011 to 2014. 

The number of female deaths was also a focus point for this graphic so this was pulled out in a separate diagram to show the large increase per year as the war has gone on. 

Even though the visualisation of the data was very impactful, the real stories came from when key data points were explained. It was very important to recognise these peaks and explain the tragic events behind the data, so where possible we pulled out these stories and told them.