Junior Developer

Projects vary widely, from short- to very long term, from consumer- to business facing and from browser based to installations and other formats; you should be interested in working on all of these types of project.

Your primary responsibility will be to work on individual projects as a hands on developer, but you should also be interested in learning from other developers with specialist knowledge in various areas.

You will be expected to:

  • Work with other developers and as the solo developer on projects
  • Work to best practice approaches developed by the engineering team
  • Ask questions and learn from other team members
  • Help maintain tools and libraries across the studio in conjunction with the team

You must have:

  • Some reviewable experience or portfolio
  • An interest in working on performant, experience-driven projects in a studio environment
  • Some knowledge of Javascript in the browser, ideally including common tools and approaches
  • A desire to work in a cross-disciplinary environment, collaborating with other practitioners to deliver the best end result

Ideally you’ll also:

  • Be interested in WebGL, complex SVG builds or multimedia projects
  • Be interested in CSS and the approaches available today
  • Be interested in server side technologies like Node and Python
  • Be comfortable talking to people who may not be technical
  • Be interested in talking or writing about your work

Interested? Send us an email at